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Ricorumi DK Pattern Books

Ricorumi DK Pattern Books

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Crochet to your heart's content with these pattern booklets from Rico!


Get ready for an extra-terrestrial adventure! With the help of this instruction booklet, you’ll be taking off into space in your rocket and exploring twinkling stars and glowing planets. A UFO heads towards you and two friendly aliens, Fredo and Frido, invite you to join them on an expedition to their planet – how cool is that?


Now it's getting really colourful! These Ricorumi characters shine in bright rainbow colours. In addition to the rainbow garland, rainbows with and without faces and a cloud, there are toucans, flowers, a bunny and a summer ice cream cone. All models will spread a good mood in your own home and are also perfect as a cheerful gift idea. 

Baby Blankies

This booklet features several adorable crochet baby blankies with cute animal heads for babies and toddlers. Whether cute rabbits, happy frogs or motley parrots – they depict a wide range of animals that are at home on land, in the water and in the air. 

Elf World

Crochet Ricorumi accessories for your cute little elf world with the Ricorumi Elf World Book. It's a custom from Scandinavia for an elf to move into the home in the run-up to Christmas to help with the preparations.

This book contains patterns to decorate your home for the elf including a garland, Christmas trees, gift boxes, acorns, pieces of wood and a basket for the fireplace, little shoes and boots, a cat as a pet and other items.

Patterns in this book are made from Ricorumi yarns Uni, Twinkly Twinkly and Spray.


Crochet your own Christmas decorations with the Ricorumi Christmas Crochet Book. Decorations include a wreath, a Santa star, turkey, a gingerbread house, chocolate, a dala horse, and a set of candles.

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