Looking to get into spinning? We offer two kinds of spinning wheel for hire

- Ashford Traditional (single treadle)
- Ashford Kiwi Original (double treadle)

A drum carder is also available on request. Hire cost is £20 per week for a maximum of two weeks plus a refundable deposit of £75. If you want to then buy a new wheel, the hire cost may be refunded against the purchase on the production of a valid receipt. To give you a helping hand, the first hire fee includes a tutorial on setting up and maintaining the wheel at The Yarn Cake, so please allow 30 minutes for this on day of collection.

To organise a spinning wheel hire, please contact the shop during opening hours at 0141 946 5305. Or pop in and see us instore!

More about Spinning

One of our favourite things to do is spinning demos and - without fail - we end up chatting about poor Sleeping Beauty and how exactly DID she prick her finger? Modern wheels don't have any sharp bits, but the type of wheels used back in the 14th Century used a very sharp quill where we now have a bobbin and flyer. Indian Charkha wheels, made famous by Mahatma Gandhi,
also have a sharp spindle. Another theory is that she didn't prick herself on the wheel itself, but on unprocessed flax, which can be really quite prickly!

We have brought back an old TYC staple - every third Sunday of the month will be Spin Sunday - come along with your spindles and wheels to chat with other spinning folks. Maybe treat yourself to a slice of cake while you're there.

Other Spinning Goodies

Here are some the accessories you might need to start you on your spinning journey.